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Niagara Wildlife Haven is moving...

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We are urgently seeking your support to help keep our doors open and relocate.  The city of Welland has shown that it wants nothing to do with orphaned or injured native wildlife receiving any type of care or help. Using an antiquated zoning bylaw, which totally conflicts with an exotic animal bylaw, and ignoring pre-existing use, they have shut us down and informed us in a registered letter (dated Aug. 27, 2013) that what we've been doing here since 1984 is now considered 'illegal.'  In all those years we have enjoyed complete support from previous mayors (Cindy Forster now the MPP for this area) and other councils, but under this council that has now changed as they've made it clear that it wants all wildlife in Welland killed.  Take the time and write them and let them know what you think of that decision.

We do believe in nature taking her course, however, the majority of our admissions are a direct result of human activities or harm. Loss of habitat, leg hold traps in the city, outdoor cats, feral cats, vehicle collisions, etc., are not what we call nature's course.  So many of these
innocent wild animals have been deliberately harmed by individual's and are in urgent need of surgery and medical treatment.  Your contributions will help provide the high quality of care for these poor defenceless creatures and will also help us continue to keep our doors open for others.


We take in cases that many others cannot and we intend to continue this work for these innocent animals. We will still be local but in a different city that welcomes wildlife rehabilitation and the important services it offers to all residents.

We are a not-for-profit wildlife rehabilitation centre,  the only facility provincially (MNR inspected and approved) and federally (CWS migratory birds scientific permit) that provides experienced,  and skilled care (32 yrs) for all species in the Niagara region and beyond.  We are on-site full-time on a unpaid basis, this is our life's work.  We are not funded or paid, by any government body and rely solely on public donations. 


Your support and understanding is deeply appreciated.


This is just a small sampling of injured and sick wildlife that we have cared for.  

^ Orphaned coyote w/mange

^ Orphaned fox kits

^ Painted turtle hit by car

^ 2 wk old baby raccoon - admitted and treated for chemical burns

^ Ruby throat hummingbird - cat caught and suffered a broken wing/

^ Mother raccoon and five babies rescued from sealed storm sewer drain

^ Cat attacked Chipmunks

^ Snapping Turtle hit by car prior to shell repairs being made.

^ Orphaned Mallard Duck eggs hatching, mother fatally injured.


^ Newly hatched Mourning Dove with one unhatched egg. Nest abandoned. ^ Orphaned baby Virginia Opossums, mother fatally injured by car. ^ Ovenbird with injured wing.
^ Greater Black Back Gull, largest in N.America has a 5-6 ft wingspan, being released after rehabilitation. ^ Juvenile raccoon in leg hold trap

^ 2nd juvenile raccoon - leg hold trap. Found two days later, same area.


Please note that we are closed to any new intakes until we explore our options.

If you have orphaned or injured wildlife, take them to Welland City Hall and ask them to provide the necessary care.

The city has no legal authority or jurisdiction to order the Welland & District SPCA to euthanize wildlife needlessly.

They do not pay the WDHS to provide any wildlife services or pickups.


Please be sure to read the information on our site BEFORE you pick up any wildlife !

If you are trying to reach us, and cannot reach us by telephone,

SEND AN EMAIL -  we receive those sooner than we do phone messages.  

Be sure you include your name, city, province, phone number,

your email address, and detailed info about the situation

l what kind of wild animal is it (bird, mammal, reptile?)    l how many are there   

l how old is the animal (eyes open/closed?) l any bleeding or visible injuries

l how long you've had it, and   l where did you find the animal?

Let us know if you've sent the same email (or made the same phone call) to more than

one rehab facility simultaneously.  PLEASE contact the facility that is closest to you FIRST and wait a reasonable amount of time for a reply.  Keep the animal in a warm, dark and quiet place, until you hear back. If you get no response after 4-6 hrs, then please try another wildlife facility.  

It is NOT advisable to move a rabies vector species (raccoons, foxes, bats, skunks)

from our area here in Niagara to any facility on the west side of the Welland Canal,

due to the potential risk of disease being inadvertently transferred to another area.     

If you don't include the information we ask for, we will not be able to respond to your email. 

We try our very best to answer but we sometimes run out of time and spare hands with which to do so. 

We have no paid staff to man the telephones with, nor any funding for a wildlife pickup service. We rely on you, the finders, to bring the animal needing care in to us. 

Please be advised also that due to the fact we are not paid by any gov't for the services we provide, and fund this primarily out of pocket and through donations, we are unable to offer a wildlife pickup service.  Orphaned, injured and distressed wildlife need to be brought to our facility, we depend on you to help us with that.

Our primary obligation is to the animals currently in our clinic for care. They come first, so please be patient.



We have instituted a new policy for all wildlife intakes. 

A donation (in any amount) is requested when native wild animals are admitted for rehabilitation.

We can no longer assume 100% of the cost of care for each native wild animal by using our personal finances. 

Native wild animals belong to every citizen in the province; they are a natural resource and our collective responsibility.

Even the smallest of donations add up.  Thank you for your understanding!


Our greatest need is for monetary donations to help offset the high cost of specialized care in our facility.

Without donations, we are forced to limit intakes, which means that many animals won't get the help they need and deserve.

We also need supplies, never ending supplies...be sure to check out our Wish List.

DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE and share it with others to help us!!  Thank you! 


Niagara Wildlife Haven is not a zoo.  We are a wildlife clinic and very busy rehabilitation facility and are not open to the public for tours. It is against the law for us to put any wildlife in our care on 'display' to the public.


Our hours are seasonal, in general March through to August 31st we are open from 12 noon to 7 pm.

From September 1st through to March 1st, we are open by appointment only. There are exceptions so it is best to confirm with us by email before arriving unannounced. At times we may not have room for certain species as we do not have unlimited caging, unlimited funds or land on which to house them all. We are unpaid volunteers so please keep that in mind.  We are not provided with paid staff for a 24 hr round the clock telephone answering service. We are volunteers and are here full time, putting in an average of 18-20 hrs per day during rehab season - however - we are human and do need to try to fit in some sleep now and then.

We are unable to take calls after 9 pm.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

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Our Mission

To provide experienced, skilled and specialized care and rehabilitation

for orphaned, injured, sick or displaced wildlife in Niagara,

and return them, in a healthy state, back to the wild.

Niagara Wildlife Haven is licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Canadian Wildlife Service. 

We are the only facility in the Niagara peninsula that is licensed to work with all species.

We cover a large area and accept wildlife from the Niagara peninsula - in general, the areas:

* south and east of Hamilton and Dunnville to the Niagara River;

* between the south shore of Lake Ontario and the north shore of Lake Erie;

* Grimsby, Beamsville, Winona, Vineland,

* Welland, Wainfleet, Port Colborne, Pelham,

* Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Fort Erie,

* St. Catharines, West Lincoln, Thorold; and

* portions of the Guelph District as referred to us by the MNR. 


There is a very large native wildlife population in these urban areas and their habitats are

being encroached upon in very rapid fashion, by development and urban sprawl.

We do not receive any funding from any level of government, be it provincial,

federal, regional or at the city, town and/or township levels.

We are only able to care for wildlife through compassionate donations made by members of the public - YOU! 

Please give generously so we can keep the doors open and continue this important work with these animals.

When we admit these wild animals, it's important to remember that unlike humans (and some pets)

they don't carry any health insurance policies so the cost of their care can (and often does) exceed our means. 

When that happens we can't accept any more wildlife for care. Donations are critical to our ability to provide help.


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