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Niagara Wildlife Haven is moving...

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We are urgently seeking your support to help keep our doors open and relocate.  The city of Welland has shown that it wants nothing to do with orphaned or injured native wildlife receiving any type of care or help. Using an antiquated zoning bylaw, which totally conflicts with an exotic animal bylaw, and ignoring pre-existing use, they have shut us down and informed us in a registered letter (dated Aug. 27, 2013) that what we've been doing here since 1984 is now considered 'illegal.'  In all those years we have enjoyed complete support from previous mayors (Cindy Forster now the MPP for this area) and other councils, but under this council that has now changed as they've made it clear that it wants all wildlife in Welland killed.  Take the time and write them and let them know what you think of that decision.

We do believe in nature taking her course, however, the majority of our admissions are a direct result of human activities or harm. Loss of habitat, leg hold traps in the city, outdoor cats, feral cats, vehicle collisions, etc., are not what we call nature's course.  So many of these
innocent wild animals have been deliberately harmed by individual's and are in urgent need of surgery and medical treatment.  Your contributions will help provide the high quality of care for these poor defenceless creatures and will also help us continue to keep our doors open for others.


We take in cases that many others cannot and we intend to continue this work for these innocent animals. We will still be local but in a different city that welcomes wildlife rehabilitation and the important services it offers to all residents.

We are a not-for-profit wildlife rehabilitation centre,  the only facility provincially (MNR inspected and approved) and federally (CWS migratory birds scientific permit) that provides experienced,  and skilled care (32 yrs) for all species in the Niagara region and beyond.  We are on-site full-time on a volunteer basis, this is our life's work.  We are not funded or paid, by any government body and rely solely on public donations. 


Your support and understanding is deeply appreciated.



You can make an Interac e-transfer donation to Niagara Wildlife Haven. It's quick and easy and safe. 

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(If you'd like to mail in a donation, please make cheques payable to Niagara Wildlife Haven):


Niagara Wildlife Haven

461 Wright Street

Welland ON  L3B 2K6






niagarawildlifehaven (at) gmail (dot) com


Please note that email is the best way to contact us. 


Thank you so much for your support! 

Please note that we are closed to any new intakes until we move. If you have orphaned or injured wildlife, take them to the Mayor's Office at Welland City Hall and ask him to provide care for them. The city has no legal authority to order the Welland & District SPCA to euthanize wildlife needlessly. They do not pay the WDHS to provide any wildlife services or pickups.

 IF you find an injured or orphaned wild animal,

please email first.  (Our preference is email.)

Please state where you live, your phone number, email address,

what the issue is with the wild animal you found and how long you've had it.

Provide as many details as you can and the circumstances of finding it.

Please let us know if you have sent the same message for help

to more than one wildlife centre simultaneously. 

We believe you should contact the facility that is closest to you first,

then try another if you cannot get a response.

Our time and resources are limited.

If you do call, kindly leave just ONE message on the service.

Otherwise you fill up our entire voice message service and others can't reach us.  THANKS!





The quickest way is by email but please keep the following things in mind:

  • We cannot and do not diagnose problems with sick or injured wildlife through email or over the phone.

  • We do not give out advice over the Internet on how you can keep it or tell you how to care for it. It's illegal for you to do so and it's illegal for us to coach you to break the law.  We work hard to maintain our permits and maintain strict ethical standards for care. That care does not encompass how to rehab over the internet.

  • We generally only admit wildlife for rehabilitation that originates from within Niagara and adjacent areas. 

    Niagara Wildlife Haven is licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Canadian Wildlife Service. 

    We are the largest and only facility in this area that is licensed to work with all species and has a full time wildlife custodian on site.

    We cover a large area and accept wildlife from these areas (in general):

    * east end of Hamilton and Dunnville to the Niagara River (US border)

    * between the south shore of Lake Ontario and the north shore of Lake Erie;

    * Grimsby, Beamsville, Winona, Vineland,

    * Welland, Wainfleet, Port Colborne, Pelham,

    * Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Sherkston, Fort Erie,

    * St. Catharines, West Lincoln, Thorold; and

    * portions of the Hamilton or Guelph District as referred to us by the MNR or CWS. 

    If you live outside this area, please don't email and ask us to make an exception.  On occasion we have arrangements with certain humane societies or other agencies outside these areas to take in injured wildlife, but those arrangements are made in advance by that agency.

  • Animals from other areas must be quarantined and segregated to prevent disease spread. It takes a lot of space to do that, and we don't have a lot of space for animals that originate far outside these areas. Provincial laws mandate that adult wildlife must be released within 1 km of where they were found (15 km for orphaned babies). In addition to other obligations, arranging to travel back to release wildlife outside this area is an expense we are not prepared to undertake and fund out of pocket. It's our policy to take care of native Niagara wildlife first.

  • Our number one priority is providing care for the wildlife in our facility;  meeting their nutritional needs, their medical needs and their requirements in day to day rehabilitation.  Our days are taken up with those important ethical responsibilities. 

  • Everything else comes secondary to that, e.g. an injured animal comes before answering a telephone or an email. We hope to rectify that by utilizing volunteers to take calls on our hotline during the busy season, but until'll have to bear with us 

  • Prime time for us (when we are the busiest) is from April through to the end of September. Regrettably we might not be able to respond to you via email or by telephone - we don't have paid staff to man the phone and/or the computer 24 hrs a day.  Please be patient. 

  • If you call, please call ONCE and leave ONE message. Calling repeatedly puts a major strain on our very limited resources and ties up the answering service for other callers.  Calling back repeatedly does not change the circumstances here nor does it speed up our work.  We still have to feed the animals FIRST and if that takes us all day, then it takes us all day.  Calling repeatedly is incredibly harassing and extremely annoying. We average 75 calls per day so please keep that in mind. 

  • Call backs are dealt with on a triage basis, the most urgent first.

  • Our hours vary depending on the season.  In general they are 11 am to 7 pm from April 1 to September 15. We are not on call 24 hrs a day so please don't call in the middle of the night.  Keep the animal contained in a warm, dark and quiet place and do not feed it or give it any water. 

  • We are unable to offer a wildlife pickup service as there is no funding available to cover our costs in doing so. We depend on your help to bring the animal to us.  You may not drive, but would know someone who could help you by providing a ride here for that animal in distress. Ask them to assist you.

  • Please EMAIL FIRST before coming to ensure we have room for the animal and can admit it.

If you have an emergency situation with an injured or sick wild animal,

and you cannot reach anyone, contact your local Humane Society for assistance. 

If it is not an emergency situation, and it can wait, they will not respond - and are not obligated to respond. 

Be respectful and don't tax their limited resources as they are not paid by any government at any level to respond to wild animal calls either.


Simply finding a wild animal on the ground

does NOT constitute an emergency.


If you feel that the animal needs immediate veterinary treatment or should be humanely euthanized to end it's suffering if the injuries are too severe, take the animal to the nearest Emergency Veterinary Clinic or to a veterinarian in your area or to your local SPCA or animal control agency. They can help by providing a humane and merciful euthanasia to eliminate further suffering. 


Native Ontario wildlife is a provincial resource and the animals belong to all of us. Everyone needs to do their part to help. 


You can contact the Ministry of Natural Resources in your district for the names of other authorized (licensed) wildlife custodians (rehabilitators). 


Visit our Find a Rehabber pages or click

for a list of Authorized Wildlife Custodians in Ontario (MNR website)


If you'd like to make a donation to help Niagara Wildllife Haven with this critical work, we would be most grateful. 



or, make your donation now online using PayPal, click below:



If you'd like to volunteer, there are numerous ways you can help out, visit our Want to Help? pages. 



(make cheques payable to Niagara Wildlife Haven):



Niagara Wildlife Haven

c/o 461 Wright Street

Welland ON  L3B 2K6






niagarawildlifehaven (at) gmail (dot) com




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