Our Wish List  


FOOD!  Our wildlife food bank has a major shortage


we are in need of:

- high quality, brand name, dry dog and cat kibble

- high quality, brand name, dry kitten and puppy kibble

   -  cans of cat/dog/kitten/puppy high quality food

- birdseed (cockatiel, dove, finch, and parrot seed mixes

- non medicated wild game bird starter

- non medicated wild game bird finisher

- non medicated chicken or turkey crumbles

Can you help?   


We realize this is a long wish list, but - - due to the number of wild animals we intake each year, it's an ever growing and never ending shortage of things we use, that get well-used.  These are wild animals, they are hard on caging and supplies so with their care and constant washing and disinfecting, we find that nothing lasts forever.  We've listed all the things we need during the year. If you can help with ANY of these items, please do. For example, two boxes of Kleenex, may last us through a couple of hours in just one day. :-)  Ditto for the more common things, like bedding and cleaning supplies.   



  • Towels, Blankets, Diapers, Receiving blankets, Comforters, Quilts, Sheets, Fleece, Flannel bedding, Pillowcases

  • Paper towels, Kleenex, Q-Tips, Toilet paper (animal bedding).

  • Snugglesafe (R) heat discs.  

  • Ceramic crocks & bowls, all sizes - tip proof; Water bottles—cage mounted, Food crocks or dishes, all sizes;

  • Glazed clay flower pot saucers, all sizes.

  • Stainless steel buckets for water (large)

  • Pocket-Pet’ totes with lids;

  • Ferret/Cat Condo cages;

  • Cages and kennel cabs – all sizes;

  • Parrot and bird cages—large & small;

  • Screened Reptariums; Terrariums; all sizes.

  • Stainless steel cage banks;

  • Dog runs.

  • Bird cages, with bars very closely spaced together

  • Large housecoats, lab coats or any size scrub coats, scrub tops/pants (used as feeding cover-ups)

  • Bleach, Degreasing cleaners,

  • Deoderizing cleaners, Tide Ultra powdered laundry detergent

  • Automatic air cleaners, Febreeze air spray

  • Garbage bags – heavy gauge oversized

  • Extra Garbage Bag Tags

  • Medium sized compostable paper bags (with protective liner) and large size leaf type paper compostable bags

  • Stuffed animals, all sizes and types

  • Durable plastic kids toys and blocks (e.g. FisherPrice); Plastic beach toys; Dog chew toys-rope toys;

  • Kids Sandboxes, Kiddy Wading Pools (hard sided)

  • Rubbermaid tote boxes - all sizes w/lids, large trash cans w/lids plastic or metal.

  • Storage containers lg and sm (w/lids)

  • Paper recycling containers, Plastics recycling containers, Green compostable containers

  • Heavy duty plastic or metal shelving units.

  • Litter pans; kitty litter (clumping type only), pine pellet litter, soft shredded litter in plastic bags.  (We are unable to use shredded office paper as it is not absorbent and cuts smaller babies).

  • Pine or Aspen shavings (no cedar) in plastic (not paper) bags

  • Newspapers...PLEASE REMOVE INSERTS and half pages!!  

  • Stone for aquariums or clean sand for terrariums

  • Plastic or silk plants, moss, vines, for aquariums and terrariums

  • Floating docks for turtles

  • Electric submersible water heaters, controllable temperatures

  • Welding gloves and other heavy leather gloves

  • Cotton gloves (washable)

  • Rubber gloves

  • Rubber boots, size 8-10 women's or 6 men's


  • Dry puppy chow, Kitten chow good quality name brand – (low-cal diet food can’t be fed to sick, recovering, or injured wildlife)

  • Esbilac™ puppy, and KMR™ kitten, powdered milk replacer formulas.

  • Fox Valley formula (US order only—contact us for details).

  • Exact®  bird hand-feeding formula;

  • Oxbow® Critical Care,

  • Bird seed: dove or finch, sunflower seed, wild bird seed mix, parrot mix, parrot pellets

  • Chestnuts, acorns & dry pine cones

  • Mixed nuts in shells, Peanuts (unsalted) in shells

  • Walnuts in shells (or with outer skins removed)

  • Fresh fruit or veggies in season

  • Rodent block in bags

  • Crayfish, minnows, feeder mice, earthworms, mealworms, crickets, goldfish and turtle food

  • Branches (for overwintering squirrels), maple, oak, cut into 3 foot sections and bundled (leaves and tiny twig branches removed)

  • Assorted wild berries on branches (picked fresh, or frozen as soon as they're picked)

  • Seed keys from maple trees (dried and bagged).

  • Frozen or canned (NO SUGAR ADDED) mixed fruit

  • Frozen or canned (NO SALT ADDED) vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beans, peas)


  • Timers, for turning lights on and off, indoor and outdoor types

  • Electric heating pads (in good working order) Note: we CANNOT use those that have the auto shut off feature...these heating pads must remain ON at all times.

  • Egg incubator, Brooders,

  • Heat lamps; Pipe heating cables.(convert stainless steel buckets into heated water dishes for winter)

  • Water bowls/buckets—heated electric;

  • UVB lights - 50, 75, 100, 150 watt and night lights (black light or red) for heating.  Ott Lights (any wattage) Lamp holders also needed, clip on or on stands.

  • Blue Planet Daylight light bulbs 60, 100 watt.

  • ‘Portable electric heater, in working order - no shorts in it please.

  • Electrical cable ties, all sizes (we go through tons of these)

  • Surge protectors, 3 pronged

  • Extension cords, outdoor, 3 prong, heavy duty type - multiple outlets

  • Power bars (indoor and outdoor types)

  • Electric drink mixer

  • Blender and Food processor


  • Desktop Computer (2 needed) sufficient HD size & RAM and graphics capabilities for our desktop publishing needs and hotline calls database.

  • Flat screen monitors (2)

  • Colour laser printer,

  • Colour inkjet printer (in good condition, heavy duty rating)

  • Photocopier (heavy duty) or

  • Black and White Laser printer w/heavy duty rating,

  • Printer paper, Envelopes

  • Good used DSLR camera with lens (macro, wide angle, telephoto) and flash; small video or flip video type camera (e.g. to film/upload rehabilitation footage to website and for educational purposes and classes)

  • Tripod for camera, Photo backdrop stand, umbrella lights (2)

  • Folding tables/chairs (for educational displays, training classes),

  • Pop up canopy event tent, with attachable sides

  • Commercial display boards and display screens;

  • Literature racks (for brochures, info pamphlets, etc.)


  • Medical & surgical supplies & equip:

  • Rolled cling bandages;

  • Cast padding rolls;

  • Disposable vinyl and Nitrile gloves;

  • Needles & syringes; tuberculin 0.5cc, 1.0cc;  0.5cc, 1.0cc, 3.0cc, 10 & 12cc slip tip O-ring syringes; 25g 3/4", 1.0", 1.5" needles

  • Vetwrap/Coban;

  • Antibiotics; oral or IV injectable, (can be recently expired or partly used)

  • Recently expired cat/dog vaccines (canine distemper, feline panleukopenia)

  • Eyedrops (antibiotic);

  • Antibiotic creams or ointments

  • Ear drops

  • Gastrolyte oral hydration powder packages (plain, unflavoured)

  • Bags of fluid (Normosol, Lactated Ringers Solution)

  • Good used anesthetic machine;

  • Exam table;

  • Stretcher, portable dog sized.

  • Microscope;

  • Centrifuge;

  • Blood sugar & Pulse/Ox meter,

  • Penlights,

  • Otoscope,

  • Autoclave (good working order)

  • Scalpels and blades

  • Tegaderm patches (asst sizes)

  • Nutrical Vitamin Paste

  • Strongid-T liquid

  • Revolution or Advantage (dogs or cats)

  • Specimen containers

  • Test tubes with stoppers, slide glass and cover slips

  • Specimen containers

  • Measuring cups, spoons

  • Electronic thermometers (F or C)


  • 4x4's, 2x4s, 1x2s, plywood (4’ minimum size pcs)  

  • Welded Wire mesh—1” x 1", 1/2 x 1/2” or 1" by 2" (or smaller) - heavy gauge (16 gauge) in rolls 3 - 4 ft wide. (Chicken wire is not suitable for cage enclosures, it's not predator proof.)

  • Exterior plywood 1/4" or 1/2" thick (4’ min. size pcs);

  • Cement patio slabs for cage flooring

  • Tin/Aluminum or Siding (for cage roofs/windbreaks) or house siding leftovers;

  • Fence/deck boards (1 x 6 or 2 x 6 eight foot long pcs) pressure treated (flooring in our pens)

  • Lattice (privacy) plastic or wooden (min. 4 ft sections)

  • Styrofoam foam core wall insulation sheets (line den boxes with)

  • Paper-back insulation batts,

  • Plastic PVC or Coroplast panels (pen roofs)

  • Bulk stone - pea gravel 

  • Shovels, small square end

  • Shade cloth for our aviaries.

  • Aquarium or pond pumps and filters (for turtles, and our waterbirds)

  • Wooden boxes suitable for den boxes (squirrel and raccoon sized).

  • Wagon with sides for transporting bags of food/water to pens

  • Large pull sled with ability to go over snow/ice to move food/water in winter

  • Rain barrels (2) in working order

  • Large logs/limbs from trees for conditioning pen enrichment. Hollow logs are good too.

  • Sheets of indoor plywood and 8' long 2x4's for dividing walls in intake/isolation area and cage repairs.

  • Gate hardware, cage closing and latching hardware, hinges, screws, nails


  • Gas powered generator (for those inevitable power outages when the heating pads must stay on)

  • Upright or Chest Freezers in good working order,

  • Large Refrigerator, in good working order.

  • Industrial rated, large capacity clothes washer and dryer in good working order

  • Gas stove in good working order

  • Microwave in good working order

  • Table saw or sliding compound miter saw with stand


  • Canadian Tire money

  • Electrician (volunteer) for small jobs

  • Plumber (volunteer) for small jobs

  • All purpose handyman/builder (volunteer) for small jobs with access to power tools

  • Sheet metal worker (volunteer)

  • Website designer (volunteer)

  • Accountant (volunteer)

  • Fundraiser, grant writer (volunteer)

               THANK YOU in advance if you can help with any of these items!!

 Most important type of donation you can make is this one:



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